Philippe Dubost

The Caligram application allows users to compose poems and interact directly with them to make them move, forming new abstract verses through movement. The platform can be used in a number of ways: by using a projector to project the animated text onto different surfaces, or by experimenting with Caligram directly on your smartphone or tablet. The application is designed as a way to reanimate the spaces around us while we are confined to our homes. Free to use, it lends itself to a variety of creative applications. It is directly inspired by calligrams, those poem illustrations that are created by stringing letters or words together in a formation to make a drawing appear. This sometimes enhances or changes the original meaning of the poem written down, allowing for a different interpretation. Calligrams are an example of the textual explorations carried out in the twentieth century, which helped to break down the conventional form of the poem and to create links between artistic disciplines.