Since the beginning of the confinement, PHI has led innovative initiatives continuing to provide accessibility to art and to offer a creative exchange with artists and the public. After fostering this dialogue virtually, PHI is now inviting visitors back to experience art inside its Old Montreal locations.

Presenting two major new exhibitions and a dozen artistic formats to be discovered throughout the summer, PHI invites visitors to an odyssey of many faces at the Foundation and at the Centre. In addition to its exhibition RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting, the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art, located at 451 & 465 Saint-Jean Street, will also be hosting free activities.


PHI Foundation Programming

RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting

From July 8, the exhibition RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting explores the complex and multiple meanings of diaspora, its condition, and its experiences as expressed through painting. The wide spectrum of productive interpretations and relations that are generated by experiences of diaspora remain unfixed, providing endless engagement with the notions of kinship and identity in a world of advanced globalization and migration.

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Art Workshops

The program will be unveiled shortly. Visit the PHI Foundation website to stay tuned.

On Zoom

Cheryl Sim presents RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting

In this presentation, Cheryl Sim will share the curatorial concept and discuss the artists in the new group exhibition RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting. Wednesday, June 17.

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On Zoom

Reading Club: Diasporic Fictions – Kindred by Octavia Butler

The public is invited to join the PHI Foundation Education team on Zoom as we read and discuss novels related to our upcoming exhibition RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting. At the Reading Club, the team and the public will informally exchange about different themes in the books that reflect the complexities and the plurality of voices of the diasporas. Starting on Thursday, June 18.

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We have carefully applied the safety measures outlined by the government to ensure both your safety and that of our staff, while offering you a compelling and enjoyable experience with art.