Since the beginning of the confinement, PHI has led innovative initiatives continuing to provide accessibility to art and to offer a creative exchange with artists and the public. After fostering this dialogue virtually, PHI is now inviting visitors back to experience art inside its Old Montreal locations.

Presenting two major new exhibitions and a dozen artistic formats to be discovered throughout the summer, PHI invites visitors to an odyssey of many faces at the Foundation and at the Centre. In addition to its flagship exhibition Emergence & Convergence, the PHI Centre, located at 315 Saint-Paul Street West, will also be hosting free cultural activities. A multi-sensory journey that opens the sense of  the public to wonder. 


PHI Centre Programming


Emergence & Convergence brings together works that contemplate the space between the self, digital technology, the built environment, and the natural world. It focuses on the effects of confinement on our collective consciousness. How has this experience of hardship forced us to re-evaluate our priorities and values as a global community? How has it contributed to a renewed connection with nature? The works in this exhibition propose complex explorations of a future in which the fusion of nature and technology could become a new ecology.

"Emergence & Convergence is an invitation to immerse ourselves in an exhibition which investigates our humanity in relationship with our planet and all living beings. Following months of confinement, we are confronted with a chance to re-evaluate our values and consider how the future might reveal itself."

-Phoebe Greenberg, founder and director of PHI

Get 2 tickets for the price of one for the exhibition when you purchase on location during the Sonication shooting days (August 22, September 2, September 19). More details at the box office."


The PHI Centre's musical performances are transformed this season: a new series of concerts played on the roof and broadcasted inside the building, launching the creative renewal of the city and Old Montreal. A festive happening within the Centre and a series of online music broadcasts.

Until the end of the Summer
Free entrance


In partnership with Shared Studios, the portal will allow creators to establish human connections, in real time, with the rest of the planet.

Free entrance