Headphones or external speakers if you want to experience the audio spatialization

A computer or laptop capable of running basic games

Windows 10 / MacOS 10.13 or later
Mac (Beta)

Drone Garden was built for PC, but we invite Mac users to experience it with this beta version. Depending on your system, things might take a bit longer to load.

1. Download file
2. Double-click the Zip file "Drone Garden"
3. Right click on the unzipped Drone Garden file and click "Open"
4. When the warning message pops up, click "Open"
Depending on your system, you may have to open it twice

1. Download file
2. Run "Drone Garden" and follow the instructions in the installer

Justin Wright
Drone Garden

How can this pandemic invite us to conceive alternative forms of meeting up and experiencing music together? This question guides the project Drone Garden, a virtual environment designed by Justin Wright to propose a new way of listening and being together. This space is accessed via an application, which can be downloaded from this exhibition page, and it allows you to hear Wright’s original composition, a microtonal work for 25 musicians, in 3 movements that cycle indefinitely. This sound piece is spatialized for the virtual environment. As you move through the space between the performers, the proximal effect makes each time you listen a unique experience. The online mode, where you can wander around with other users on the platform, offers a digital version of the social aspect of a music concert.