ça va

it’s ok

Ça va/It’s ok

Ça va/It’s ok is a Chrome web browser extension created by the Gauche/Droite duo, made up of Catherine D'Amours and Nicolas S. Roy. Its title directly quotes the “It’s going to be okay” slogan, which, accompanied by its rainbow, has become a sort of mantra in Quebec in recent months. In this project, Gauche/Droite goes beyond the naivety of the original sentence by proposing an irreverent visual environment that takes some of the visual codes from the pandemic and subverts them. By installing the extension on their browser, users will see the websites they visit transformed by the artists' interventions, concealing certain content to replace it with their illustrations. The intrusion of their designs in the very code of the visited web pages is a reminder of the interference of the pandemic in our lives, and is also a renewed sense of motive behind certain motifs associated with COVID-19 in today's visual culture.