Adam Basanta

A direct response to the context of COVID-19 and the sense of “being alone together,” Adam Basanta’s Artist Survival Station is a fully automated, performative, living, ecosystemic, food-producing sculpture that is both aesthetic and functional. It creates life in a time of immobility.

The building of the sculpture itself provides an opportunity to share knowledge with a community at a distance. Throughout the design of the system itself, the building of the station, and the cycles of seeding and harvesting, the artist will be documenting a range of practical, conceptual, and aesthetic concerns encountered on the Phi Centre’s platform, as well as on a dedicated YouTube channel.

—Episode 1

Artist Survival

—Episode 2

Distill Your Own

—Episode 3

Water Reservoir
& Seeds


—Episode 4

UPDATE episode

—Episode 5

Little detour on
Lights and Fans,
Taste Test, and
full Harvest!

Artist biography
Born in Israel and raised in Vancouver, Adam Basanta has lived and worked in Montreal since 2010. With a background that began studying contemporary music composition, he has since developed an artistic practice in mixed-media installations. Having exhibited in galleries and institutions both in Canada and abroad, his works have received multiple awards.